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Ckay Group is a Business Consultancy firm in Nairobi,Kenya.We offer services to startups,small and medium sized businesses.Our sole drive and passion is helping startups and small businesses find a sustainable and scalable business model and promote their growth respectively. In less fancier terms, we work with you to ensure your business grows, maintains a position ahead of competition, and makes a lot of money. We achieve that by offering services in Business Communication, Strategy, Marketing and Project management.A combination of these critical services is sure to build profitable enterprises which communicates well with it audience, has a defined market segment, and a champion in managing every project.

Look, these are the most common questions we get asked out here by business people like you;

  • I just started out on this business and failure isn’t an option for me. How can I ensure success?
  • I have been in this business for the last 2 years, but I feel stunted. No growth. What should I do?
  • Everything in my business is spinning out of control; I can’t hold stuff together anymore. Can you help me?
  • I feel that customers are not really getting me. They do not seem to understand my products and services. How can I talk to them better?
  • For some reason, my project initiatives never see light of the day. I fail every time. What I’m I doing wrong?

  • Tell you what, we live for these questions.The essence of Ckay Group’s existence is in listening,responding,and providing solutions to businesses seeking answers to the above questions.


    Business Communication

    Anyone can put words together; it takes a professional to craft your message. We create and deliver communications that speak to your business’ key audiences. We analyze use of language and channels in the business and identifying areas needing improvement. Our core competencies include;

  • Business Writing – Web Content, Business Presentations, Company Profile Writing, Blog and Article Writing.
  • Communication Training – Business Presentation Skills,Managing Meetings Email Writing,Report Writing and Customer Service.
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    Ckay Group brings on board unmatched expertise in handling both traditional and digital marketing initiatives to ensure that your business attains quality leads, higher conversion, and defined customer and market segments. We help you develop comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for growth. Our marketing capabilities include;

  • Channel Strategies.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Marketing Strategy.



    IT Consulting.

    Ckay Group appreciates the role of IT in business. We believe that every business today ought to have a sound tech strategy that helps them optimize their business performance and meet operational goals. We skillfully combine IT and business knowledge whose outcome is key to driving growth and sustenance of enterprises in today's competitive business ecosystem. We provide strategic guidance to our clients while helping them build their knowledge capacity so that they can leverage IT to enable business growth.We consult in the following areas;

  • Web Design & Development.
  • IT Support Services.
  • Security Solutions.
  • Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Project Management

    Ckay Group offers project management consultancy services to both individuals and businesses. We commit to bringing your big project idea to life within the agreed timelines and cost while upholding quality output. Our forte is in;

  • Event Projects e.g. Product Launches.
  • Community Based Projects.
  • Business Change Projects e.g. New Business Ventures, Renovations, and Process Improvements.
  • Strategy

    Ckay Group offers expert guidance in defining a client’s business strategic objectives, a plan for their execution and evaluation in order to achieve desired business goals. We also identify how independent functions in your business can be organized and leveraged to deliver optimum value and address the bottom line.

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